Popular Encryption Use Cases

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Handling PGP mail in the cloud

The system administrator at a large financial institution was tasked with integrating PGP on premises email, acquired through MAs, into a centralized cloud-based solution. The solution would need to service other popular encryption delivery methods and be available in multiple jurisdictions. Migration service interruptions were not to be tolerated and difficulty in managing the solutions were all issues. With Echoworx, PGP is just another delivery method, allowing for centralized management from a single solution, deployed across jurisdictions and business lines. No downtime was required or business interruptions.

Take PGP to the cloud without hassles or business interruptions

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Man writing on desk with caption Helping customers scale dynamically with Echoworx's high-volume output

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Statement sending, with room to scale

The messaging team at a top five US bank was facing a situation where their existing secure e-statement solution could not meet the growing demands of the business. Lack of sufficient multi-lingual support, capacity and throughput issues, and difficulty in managing the solution were all issues. Echoworx has allowed them to scale dynamically, support high volume bulk output and 27 languages. Moreover, they now send over 100 million encrypted messages annually with zero effect on mail flow, all while reducing their support and CAPEX costs​.

Exchanging personal information using shared mailbox

The Project Manager at a large bank was in search of an email encryption solution that allows departments to share folders and mailboxes between employees. The challenge was to create a process where customers could send secure messages to their service departments including sensitive attachments, like a driver’s license – without requiring registration, multiple staff actions and prompt emails. Echoworx’s support for shared folders, inbound encryption and self-provisioning offered a simple benefit: less time for everyone. The ease of use and streamlined process resulted in a 63% increase in adoption.

Two man working on computers side by side caption reading simplify shared mailboxes with Echoworx

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Woman looking at mobile phone with text overlay Easily send encrypted attachments in native file formats using Echoworx

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Attaching native file formats

A national insurance agency was looking to finally go paperless and reduce their manual processes. It was important for them to easily send attachments encrypted in their native file formats (PDF and MS Office DOC attachments) directly to customers. An inconsistent experience, manual multi-step process, and lack of adoption, led the agency to seek our help. Using Echoworx the agency was able to automate encryption for native Office and PDF documents, support branding and provide self-management. They achieved their transition to paperless with significant cost savings. ​

Unique branding applied automatically

A pharmaceutical distributor needed to easily change their email branding every time a new drug trial began. Limited to the use of a single logo and color alongside expensive supplementary security packs and necessary design services, led the project team our way. ​With the quick web-based branding offered by Echoworx, they can now apply unique visual brand identities on demand, ensuring the right messaging is presented in a matter of minutes, on a message-by-message basis.

smiling woman looking at papers caption reading apply unique branding automatically with Echoworx

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