Ensure Secure Delivery


Secure Delivery

Provide a wide range of secure message delivery options


  • Existing message encryption infrastructure only supports one secure delivery method.
  • If sole delivery method is not supported, whether on the sender or recipient end, an error message is issued, or sensitive data is sent in the clear – without encryption or any other type of data protection.


The OneWorld encryption platform offers five different encryption delivery methods to meet any business scenario you may have. Including Secure PDF, Web Portal, TLS and Encrypted Attachments, as well as support for S/MIME and PGP. This ensures that if one secure delivery method is not available or not desirable, there are other options to choose from to fit any business situation.

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For example, as a common secure message delivery method, an organization might employ TLS to send sensitive documents to their customer base. But, if a TLS connection is not supported or available on the recipient’s end, there need to be other options other than receiving an error message or sending the data in the clear, without protection. By offering multiple secure delivery methods, OneWorld is flexible enough to offer realistic fallback options – ensuring that any sensitive email sent, for a wide range of reasons, never goes to a recipient unencrypted.

To help choose secure encryption delivery methods which work best for specific business situations, OneWorld is set up for users to create custom encryption rules and policies. For example, in in addition to simply checking if TLS is available or not, users can further define encryption actions and secure delivery methods selection based on domain or even based on type of attachment. All outgoing and incoming messages are processed against these pre-set automated encryption rules.

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For a streamlined and frictionless customer experience, OneWorld offers customizable branding, language options and a generous self-service password management system. The flexibility of OneWorld offers a consistent user experience regardless of device or location – providing the protection of encryption without the confusion.

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  • Messages are processed against encryption rules
  • Notification message sent to inbox
  • Create an account
  • Read email and secure attachments

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