Multiple Ways to Authenticate for a More Adjustable Customer Experience

Not every customer is the same and neither are the messages and documents that you send them – multiple methods of authentication enable custom message-by-message security options.

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We need to balance security with user effort and process disruption. - C-Suite Executive, North American biotech and scientific R&D company

Flexible Authentication Options

Echoworx offers seven different ways to authenticate users, allowing organizations to choose which method works best for their unique needs. Authentication options include support for Social Login using OAuth, Self-Registration, Shared Secret Passphrase, SSO, System Generated Verification Codes, Passwordless and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

With Echoworx, authentication can easily be set based on policy, sender or recipient – ensuring message content stays secure without impacting user experience.

  • Offers a better customer and employee experience
  • Increases productivity and accessibility
  • Automates password provisioning and management
  • Reduces risks during times of high churn
  • Prevents breaches and compliance violations

Echoworx Product Screenshots

With more authentication options, Echoworx enables secure access without sacrificing user experience or impacting business processes. Not every user is the same, and neither is their comfort with technology or their privilege levels. Here are some product screenshots of Echoworx authentication options in action.

The Echoworx Email Encryption Login Page

Aside from the login process, the Social login (using OAuth) user experience is exactly the same as the web user experience.

Social Login (using OAuth) with Echoworx Email Encryption

Social login (using OAuth standard) is a form of single sign-on using existing login information from a social networking service such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google to sign into a third-party website in lieu of creating a new login account specifically for that website. For example, a user with a LinkedIn account could use their LinkedIn ID and password to log into websites that are unrelated to LinkedIn. Social login saves users from the hassle of managing multiple accounts, and simplifies the registration process.

User Experience
When an Echoworx user receives an encrypted message with a registration link, they can skip the account creation process, and simply log in with their existing social network credentials. In fact, if the user has an active session with their social network, they will be granted access immediately. Works on mobile and desktop

Sender-Set Password for Secure Rapid One-Offs

With this authentication method, the sender sets a password and simply clicks ‘send.’  The recipient enters the password to gain instantaneous access to their secure message and all accompanying attachments, with full save and reply functions. The sender must provide the password out-of-band (for example, over the phone). A sender-set password notification will contain a hint in its message body.

Authentication Options are Necessary

“Customers will get turned around if only one option is presented to them and they aren’t familiar with it.”

— Director, North American Retail Company

Echoworx Sender-set password notification email

Sender-set password notification email.

Echoworx sender-set password hint screen

Recipients enter the password that was communicated by the sender.

Echoworx register device screen prompt

Invitation to register for passwordless login.

Echoworx Biometric authentication screen prompt

Authenticate on your device and whisk away to read message.

Echoworx trusted devices screen prompt

Easily manage your registered devices.

Passwordless Authentication

Echoworx enables organizations to leverage existing passwordless safeguards on customer devices, like fingerprint scanners and other biometric measures, to authenticate recipients. Users simply register their device as a recognized authenticator through a browser-based Web Authentication API. Once registered, built-in biometrics can be used to authenticate and grant access to secure messages – without any additional login page or password prompts.

User Experience
Any user logging in with a compatible device will see an invitation (called a Toast), to register for passwordless login. When you click the “click here to open” link in an email notification on a registered device, you’ll get a prompt to authenticate on your device, and then we’ll whisk you away to your message. It’s a single secure step, and since you’re using a device that you have plus either a biometric (something you are) or a PIN (something you know), it’s multifactor.

Varying Levels of Authentication Needed

“I believe there is a huge difference between privilege levels assigned to some, and not others, so we need varying levels of authentication.”

– Director of a North American Software Company

Watch a Product Demonstration Now

See how Echoworx’s customizable platform can help you enable authentication to be set by policy, sender or recipient – for more flexibility over access to secure message content.

Security Assurance & Certification Programs

  • FSQS Registered
  • Microsoft Trusted Root Program
  • Apple Certificate Program
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