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Consolidate email and document delivery into a single solution.

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Echoworx email encryption let’s you send virtually unlimited amounts of statements, files and documents direct to email inboxes – protected – without impacting your routine email each time you hit send. Echoworx isn’t a replacement for your core billing and fulfillment systems. Rather, it interfaces seamlessly with the multiple systems your company uses for document delivery and enables a security layer to it.

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Designed for the intensive demands of application generated documents and mass distribution, see how Echoworx customizable encryption can help you consolidate email and encrypted document delivery into a single platform — without impacting your routine email.

Send Unlimited Paperless Statements, Documents and Files

Echoworx makes it easy to send encrypted attachments directly into a recipient’s personal email inbox, regardless of their platform or email client, where the messages can be kept indefinitely and found easily later. A popular scenario for where attachment-only encryption is desirable: The sender of the email is an application that is generating mass volume email with confidential attachment(s) (for example, an eStatement). With Echoworx, accommodating larger peak message volume is accomplished simply through a load balanced configuration.

Attachment-only encryption is just what you would expect — the attached document is encrypted, and the message body is not. PDF is an industry-standard file format that can be viewed on all major mobile and desktop platforms with a third-party application. This lends itself to one-way messaging where all sensitive material is encapsulated in the attached document. Only the email attachment is confidential and, therefore, only the attachment requires encryption. Additionally, a Secure Reply link can be added to the email header or footer, making it possible for recipients to respond securely.

In this use case, the message body is not encrypted and is left as a plain text/rich text formatted message. All other attachments are encrypted based on the following conditions set at the profile level:

  • Enable native encryption for PDF
  • Enable native encryption for Office XML
  • Encrypt other files as ZIP

When enabled PDF and MS Office files (ending with the .***x extension) are delivered to the recipient’s mailbox as individual items. Supported MS Office file extensions include: .docx .xlsm .pptm .dotx .xltx .potx .docm .xltm .potm .docb .xlsb .ppsx .xlsx .pptx .ppsm

What makes Echoworx document delivery different?

  • Higher message limits for high-volume output

    From sending millions of statements to customers across the world to sending sensitive time-sensitive emergency information, there are many instances where encrypted messages must be sent en masse within certain time periods. Unlike other email encryption providers, where message limits can be just a few thousand a day, Echoworx allows customers to set their own limits according to their service subscription. And, with an assortment of visibility tools at their disposal, Echoworx customers can easily track, recall and revoke access to encrypted messages they send.

  • Ability to access secure documents anywhere on any device

    From jurisdictional requirements, like Scotland’s definitions of ‘durable media,’ for example, to remote access requirements, there are many reasons why a customer might need to gain access to multiple secure paperless documents across multiple devices, in their native format or offline. With eight secure delivery methods, including options for multiple secure attachments in one message, Echoworx provides more flexibility for how an encrypted message is sent and received – ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of location or device.

  • Multiple authentication methods for flexible message access

    Just like every customer isn’t the same – neither is the sensitive information sent to them. Echoworx enables message-by-message levels of authentication to accommodate specific business use cases – from high-security authentication measures, like Two-Step Verification, to Shared Passphrase, where additional steps, like a registration process, are eliminated completely. Omitting registration reduces friction in the communication process, frees up resources and makes the process faster for all.

  • Self-service email encryption help

    According to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI)™ study, email encryption-related call centre tickets can cost an average enterprise-level organization more than $310K over a three-year period. Echoworx slashes this overhead cost through robust user-friendly help features – like support for 27 languages, customizable headers and footers for additional instructions and self-service set passwords and password recovery tools.

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