Leverage Single Sign On

Use existing account logins to retrieve secure messages.

Gain Access to Secure Email in One Step

Echoworx email encryption offers access to secure email using SSO. This means you can remove the registration process for your customers entirely – without sacrificing security.

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See how Echoworx SSO authentication can help you allow customer access to secure communications via branded online portals using their existing logins.

Use existing login to unlock encrypted email

Echoworx offers SSO Authentication – empowering existing users to leverage existing user-IDs and passwords to access secure mail via your organization’s website. In this case, a recipient receives a notification that a secure message and/or document has been sent to them. They can then login to your existing customer portal where the message is available for them to read – without extra steps and no additional registration process.

What makes Echoworx different?

  • Seamless integration with existing customer portal

    Echoworx enables customers to view secure messages through your existing customer portal by leveraging a Single Sign-On (SSO) API. When a customer clicks on their secure email link in your enterprise portal, an API token exchange grants access to the user’s secure mailbox where their message can be read. This enables the user to view their message without visually leaving your organizational portal or needing to enter in additional authenticating credentials.

  • Leverage social logins for secure message access

    Access to secure Echoworx Web Portal messages can also be configured to accept social credentials which leverages existing login information from a verified social networking service, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, to sign into a third-party website in lieu of creating a login account.

    Echoworx supports full OAuth access including: Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce.

See the Many Other Use Cases Our Encryption Platform Supports

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“As a tech person, I don’t have time for fluff. Echoworx cuts right to the chase – their product works and they’re easy to work with. Period."

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