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Keep your onboarding process compliant and your customers happy.

Onboard Faster, Easier and Securely

Your current onboarding process takes several weeks to a month. That’s simply too long for today’s digital world. The move to digital customer onboarding is a priority, but you need to ensure the safety of the information you exchange. Echoworx customizable encryption can help bring your onboarding process from weeks to days — reducing your document handling costs and the risks of regulatory non-compliance.

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See how Echoworx email encryption can help you securely onboard customers digitally, eliminating the need for using postal mail or fax.

Shift From Manual Account Opening to Digital

Echoworx customizable encryption lets you easily send sensitive documents, like loan applications and patient forms, directly to your customer’s inbox securely as a Secure PDF Attachment – where the attached document is encrypted, and the message body is not.

PDF is an industry-standard file format that can be viewed on all major mobile and desktop platforms with a third-party application. This lends itself to one-way messaging where all sensitive material is encapsulated in the attached document. Only the email attachment is confidential and, therefore, only the attachment requires encryption. Additionally, a Secure Reply link can be added to the email header or footer, making it possible for recipients to respond securely.

Alternatively, Echoworx Email Encryption can be configured to enable contractual workflow. This method allows users to fill out digital forms, save them and return them in a secure manner. This delivery method also features options to remove passwords from documents upon confirmed receipt.

Initial onboarding touchpoints are an excellent way to make a good first impression with a new client or patient. With Echoworx, you can automatically apply extensive multi-branding – with support for up to 27 languages – to ensure a great experience from the get-go.

What makes Echoworx different?

  • Access secure documents anywhere on any device

    From jurisdictional requirements, like Scotland’s definitions of ‘durable media,’ for example, to remote access requirements, there are many reasons why a new customer might need to gain access to multiple secure paperless documents across multiple devices, in their native format or offline. With eight secure delivery methods, including options for multiple secure attachments in one message, Echoworx provides more flexibility for how an encrypted message is sent and received – ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of location or device.

  • Different ways to authenticate for flexible message access

    Just like every new customer isn’t the same – neither are the sensitive data and documents sent to them during an onboarding process. Echoworx enables message-by-message levels of authentication to accommodate specific business use cases – from high-security authentication measures, like Two-Step Verification, to Shared Passphrase, where additional steps, like a registration process, are eliminated completely. Omitting registration reduces friction in the communication process, frees up resources and makes any onboarding process faster for all.

  • Guest messaging options for secure inbound communications

    Not all new customers have access to email data protection tools. That’s why Echoworx offers multiple ways for organizations to provide simple, yet secure, ways to receive inbound messages during an onboarding process.

    Guest Compose: A shareable URL enables ‘guests’ to compose one-off secure messages to a specific pre-set address.

    Self-Provisioning: Allows unregistered users to create an account, log in and send encrypted email messages to any address within your registered domain.

    Contractual Workflow: Allows users to fill out digital forms, save them and return them in a secure manner. This feature includes the option to remove passwords from documents upon confirmed receipt.

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Reduced the time required to onboard customers

“Our onboarding process went from 5 days to now just 5 minutes and we reduced our document handling costs by 90% to 95%.”

— Implementation Lead in the Finance Industry