Offer More Encryption Delivery Options for the Best Experience

Echoworx offers eight secure delivery options, to ensure seamless communication. Making it easy to share protected email and documents with anyone.

  • Web Portal (also known as pull delivery)

    Echoworx Web Portal is a custom branded secure web-based message pick up center. Recipients are prompted through email notifications that they have a message waiting to be read. Learn more.

    Key features include:

    • Auto-login via your existing portal.
    • Message remains encrypted at-rest.
    • Secure reply functionality and read receipts.
    • Flexible message retention periods, and more.
  • Full Message Encryption

    Secures both body text and attachments contained in an outgoing email and delivers it to recipient’s inbox, as a single attached secure PDF. Great for back-and-forth correspondence when confidential information is in the message body. Easily read using any standard PDF viewer, on any device. Learn more.

    Key features include:

    • Full message encapsulated in secure PDF.
    • Encrypted at-rest.
    • Self-service password management.
    • Extensive branding options, and more.
  • Certificate Encryption (PGP & S/MIME)

    PGP or S/MIME delivery requires buy-in from both your organization and each recipient. Echoworx makes this process transparent for you with features like automatic PGP key generation, external lookup in LDAP for public recipient certificate, and full support for migrating PGP to the cloud.

    Key features include:

    • Bulk import existing private key pairs through web interface.
    • Auto generate new keys as needed.
    • No recipient behavior change required, and more.
  • TLS Encryption with Fallback

    TLS-encrypted messages are pushed directly to the recipient’s inbox, and never expires. If TLS is not available, the message can be set to fall back to another Echoworx delivery method. Learn more in our Delivery Options Guide.

    Key features include:

    • No accounts, password requirements.
    • TLS fallback delivery.
    • Powerful allow or block policy configuration.
    • Branded footers, highlighting secure delivery.
  • Encrypted Attachments (PDF, Office Document, Zip)

    Attachment-only encryption is what you would expect — the attachment is encrypted and the message body is not. PDF, Office and ZIP files are encrypted and attached in their native format as individual files. Additional files, such as images (.jpg), are encrypted and attached as a secure PDF or ZIP file.

    Key features include:

    • Multiple secure attachments can be included in the same email.
    • Extensive branding available.
    • Encrypted at-rest.
    • Outlook and Gmail add-in allows sender-selected shared passwords, and more.

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Different encryption methods were huge part of our decision to invest

“Echoworx’s different encryption methods were a huge part of our decision to invest in them. If we didn’t have that list of encryption methods and the user could not choose what they wanted, we probably would have needed to use multiple point solutions to have the same functionality.”

— Senior Vice President of Engineering in the Finance Industry

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