Multi Branding & Language


Customer Experience

Brand your encrypted messages for a more personalized customer experience.


  • Multiple business lines or properties requiring separately branded encrypted communications to match their unique look.
  • International business environments involving multiple languages and brands.


For enterprise-level organizations operating within international environments or for large conglomerates operating multiple brands under one organization, the need for appropriate branding is not an option – it’s a must. And encrypted communications are no exception to this need for custom logos, colours, language and brand look-and-feel. So why do your secure messages look like spam for your customers?

Our OneWorld encryption platform features all the security offered by airtight algorithms – but with the ability to set multiple branding options according to business units or different properties, to customize or personalize secure messages on a message-by-message basis and to support 26 languages. Now that’s frictionless flexibility.

Here’s more about the importance of flexibility in encryption.

In our contemporary connected digital world, there is a high chance your organization operates with customers for whom English is not a first language. As a function of security, and even compliance, you cannot afford to have any vital instructions lost in translation for your encrypted communications. To avoid confusion, miscommunication or something as simple as a poor customer user experience, your secure messages need to be understood by those who receive them.

The ability to brand also plays an important role for secure communications at large enterprise-level organizations or international conglomerates. While branding might be similar across borders, properties or business units, even subtle differences can make a customer of one brand doubt the authenticity of an encrypted communication – and fraudsters thrive in confusion.

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  • Recipient notified of a secure email delivered
  • Existing customers receive link to portal and are prompted to log in
  • Access granted to secure message
  • New customers are given options to receive notification with instructions in several languages
  • Customer selects preferred language
  • Future notifications arrive in preferred language

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