Multi Branding & Language


Customer Experience

Brand your encrypted messages for a more personalized customer experience.


  • Multiple business lines require encrypted communications be branded to match their unique look.
  • Given today’s hyper-connected world, your recipients can be anywhere.


Our OneWorld encryption platform uses attributes in the message to dynamically brand all outgoing encrypted messages, including language support.

We support 22 languages and personalize messages appropriately on a message by message basis. Branding and language preferences can be applied to accommodate multiple brands at your company, whether that be different business units or different entities you own.

Taking advantage of branding and language preferences, ensures that your recipients will trust that the secure message originated from your organization and that it is personalized using instructions in their preferred language.


  • Notification of a secure email delivered
  • Existing customers receive link to portal for login
  • Read secure message
  • New customers receive notification with instructions in several languages
  • Customer selects preferred language
  • Future notifications will arrive in preferred language

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