Echoworx Enters German Encryption Market Amidst Strengthening Privacy Legislation

Echoworx is ready to address major gaps in current encryption technology with a robust suite of services tailored to modern enterprises.

Echoworx, a global leader in encryption solutions, is excited to announce its strategic entry into the German market, offering advanced encryption services tailored for German businesses transitioning from on-premise to cloud-based solutions. This move comes as Germany seeks to enhance its data privacy scene with new legislation making encryption a legal right.

Echoworx is poised to address significant gaps in the current encryption technology with solutions that ensure sensitive data remains within Germany, thanks to local data centers. With a robust suite of services designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises, Echoworx is set to revolutionize the way German companies manage their encryption needs.

Key Solutions Offered:

Echoworx offers advanced encryption solutions to enhance email security. Their latest updates from April offer market fit solutions many in the German market may find fitting. Primary highlights include:

S/MIME Auto Key Generation

Echoworx has integrated with DigiCert to simplify S/MIME key generation. This service ensures that internal communications are protected by a globally trusted certification. By generating S/MIME keys on behalf of clients and storing them within the Echoworx Gateway, we enhance both security and convenience. This means businesses can focus on their core activities, knowing their email communications are securely managed.

Enhanced Certificate Management

Clients now have the ability to directly upload their PGP or S/MIME certificates through the Echoworx Portal. This new feature removes the need for separate invitation emails and unbranded pages. The process is more secure and efficient, making it easier than ever to maintain the integrity of email communications. Users benefit from a straightforward, user-friendly experience that prioritizes security.

Public S/MIME Certificate Harvesting

Echoworx has developed a system to automatically harvest public S/MIME certificates from inbound signed and encrypted messages. This allows customers to encrypt outbound S/MIME messages without manual input from administrators or recipients. By automating this process, we significantly enhance overall email security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected at all times.

Rosario Perri, Director of European Channels at Echoworx, emphasized the importance of this market entry:
“DACH has long been a strong user of certificate encryption technologies like S/MIME and PGP. Our solutions are designed to meet the high standards of DACH enterprises, providing them with a modern, cloud-based encryption service that ensures their data remains secure and compliant with local regulations.”

Michael Ginsberg, CEO of Echoworx, added: “Our expansion into Germany is a strategic move that aligns with the country’s new privacy legislation. We are committed to offering solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also provide our clients with the advanced encryption capabilities they need to protect their sensitive information in an increasingly digital world.”

Echoworx’s entry into the German market marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth, positioning it as a key player in the European encryption market. With a focus on delivering secure, efficient, and compliant solutions, Echoworx is set to redefine encryption standards for German businesses.

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