Echoworx Takes PGP to the Cloud

Echoworx, a leading provider of email encryption services now provides the ability for PGP to be used as a fully functioning cloud service.  Both existing users of PGP and those that correspond with anyone using PGP can now benefit from the new Echoworx system.

Existing PGP keys can be loaded into Echoworx but it can also generate new ones on the fly ensuring seamless communication in any situation.

Echoworx supports the ability to deliver PGP encrypted messages and data right to the recipient’s inbox with their known PGP certificates. The sender does not need to have any certificates, keys, or software since the encryption occurs in Echoworx email encryption platform. Echoworx will find PGP certificates in the local repository, publicly available LDAP directories, and the Echoworx Global Directory.

“We truly believe in an encryption world where everyone speaks the same language, Echoworx makes that possible.” says Michael Ginsberg, CEO, Echoworx. “Taking PGP to the cloud brings huge value to organizations and individuals who know that encryption  is critical but have no desire to manage complex deployments. Ultimately our service enables companies to use PGP more effectively and as part of their overall cloud encryption story.”

Echoworx encryption makes it easy for any enterprise to set the optimal encryption method and path of delivery between sender and recipient. Encryption options including PGP Encryption are selected by the enterprise and can be changed at any time. Each option can be enabled or combined to create a unique profile for each sending enterprise.

Echoworx Email Encryption PGP Features

  • Converts on-premise PGP deployments to the cloud, while maintaining identities
  • Allows an enterprise to upload all existing PGP keys to the Echoworx cloud
  • Generates more keys on-the-fly whenever a new Identity is needed
  • Key Management (like rollover) is automatic and transparent
  • Finds recipients in Global PGP Directories and public Enterprise PGP directories
  • Recipients can upload their own key to Echoworx when it is not available in a public directory
  • Multiple signing modes allow for end-user signatures or Enterprise signatures
  • Allows Secure Reply in PGP format, but the Enterprise employee doesn’t even know or care
  • Enterprise employee doesn’t worry about which encryption format is required, Echoworx uses PGP whenever the recipient wants PGP

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