Echoworx’s Enhanced Multi-factor Authentication Improves Cybersecurity With User-focused Design

Clumsy and nonintuitive user interfaces can increase security risks

Echoworx, the industry leader in message encryption, today unveiled enhancements to its Echoworx cloud-based security platform with the addition of user-centric two-factor authentication (2FA), enabling enterprises of all sizes to adopt best-in-class security protocols while improving user experience.

“Enterprises, customers and employees want the enhanced security that multi-factor authentication provides,” said Chris Peel, Echoworx Vice President Customer Engineering. “But non-intuitive and cumbersome interfaces can make MFA unappealing for customers or can even make them resistant to cybersecurity. By enhancing user experience, you also improve security.”

MFA isn’t new. In the pre-digital world, financial institutions required several physical ID cards to open accounts, bank machine users needed both a physical card and an individual PIN, and institutions would require clients to choose security questions. But passwords can be weak and security questions – such as “what is your mother’s maiden name?” – can be easily cracked.

Such issues with security and usability led to more consumer-driven user experiences, led by major firms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. The Echoworx encryption platform provides a cost-effective scalable solution for firms seeking email data protection with more robust and user-friendly multi-factor security.

“Security isn’t just a matter of engineering, it’s also a matter of design,” said Echoworx Senior Director Market Intelligence Jacob Ginsberg. “Our intuitive email encryption platform and enhanced multifactor authentication allows enterprises of all sizes to affordably provide secure online interactions, and by putting user experience at the forefront, they simultaneously improve data protection and accelerate adoption.”

Rising cybersecurity risks have encouraged firms to adopt practices that suit a “Zero Trust” environment in which the best-practice is to never automatically trust and always verify. This has made multi-factor authentication a cybersecurity essential and led to user-centric platforms becoming a key differentiator between firms.

Echoworx’s scalable, easy to use, and configurable cloud security and email encryption solutions, have been adopted by firms of all sizes in more than 30 countries and 26 languages. Echoworx’s senior members will be at the Nordic Cyber Security Summit in Copenhagen to meet with clients, answer press inquiries, and speak with industry influencers.

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