Echoworx Adds Vietnamese Language to Its Email Encryption Platform

Supporting one of the largest growing business economies in the Asian-Pacific Region

Echoworx, the industry leader in message encryption, today announced the addition of Vietnamese language to its Echoworx Email Encryption platform. This newest addition, to their growing list of 27 supported languages, is designed to make encrypted communication easier for users operating in one of the largest growing economies in the Asian-Pacific (APAC) Region – accounting for nearly 100 million people.

“The APAC markets are some of the fastest-growing. We want to make sure businesses have the tools they need to compete for and win customers in this region,” says Steve Davis, Director of Products at Echoworx. “Adding Vietnamese to our rich rolodex of supported languages not only further simplifies the act of sending a confidential message or sensitive files – it helps define us as a future-ready provider of global encryption solutions.” Cloud and SaaS adoption has significantly impacted the security strategies of the organizations surveyed for the study, at 81% and 79%, respectively. They are changing the direction and scale of their future strategies and looking for diverse and unique applications for their businesses and consumers, including mobile functionality and multiple authentications.Echoworx’s scalable, easy to use, and configurable cloud security and email encryption solutions, have been adopted by firms of all sizes in more than 30 countries. The addition of Vietnamese language support further reflects Echoworx’s commitment to ensuring their customer network of global enterprises are supported in the communities in which they operate.
For more information on Echoworx branding and language capabilities, please visit: More Ways to Personalize Email

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