Secure Bulk Mail


Bulk Mail

Automate the process of emailing mass personalized documents securely.


  • Under tremendous pressure to eliminate the cost and handling of paper transactions and enhance customer experience.
  • Want to automate the secure bulk delivery of documents by generating personalized secure emails.


In today’s fast-paced world, users demand quick and efficient document delivery. From account statements to insurance policies to legal information,  many of these documents contain sensitive information – requiring additional protection.

But what happens when you need to send millions of these documents at once Sending via snail mail or fax costs you time and money.  Employing a distribution centre exposes your data to third-party eyes. The OneWorld encryption platform sends large bursts of documents at the click of a mouse.  And they remain encrypted from sender to receiver.

Personalized emails, secure delivery, multiple delivery methods and reliable reports.  The process is simple, the encryption is complex. Encrypted documents are received by Echoworx – where they are decrypted, processed and re-encrypted. The personalized messages are then sent to intended recipients.

And our Secure Bulk Mail capabilities feature all the benefits of the OneWorld encryption platform. And the best part? All your messages can be tracked via detailed reports.

Secure Bulk Mail


  • A batch submission of meta data and files are sent for processing.
  • The data and files are created on mass into emails.
  • Emails are encrypted, branded and sent as web pickup, pdf and/or attachment only.
  • Submission reports are created including bounce back monitoring.

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