Increase Paperless Document Delivery

Consolidate email and document delivery into a single solution

Faster, personalized and from the cloud

Echoworx email encryption let’s you send virtually unlimited mass amounts of statements, files and documents direct to email inboxes – protected – without impacting your routine email each time you hit send.

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Designed for intensive demands and mass distribution, see how Echoworx customizable encryption can help you consolidate email and document delivery into a single platform — without impacting your routine email.

Secure Statement Delivery Self Service Demonstration
Secure paperless document delivery | Watch Video Now

Send unlimited paperless statements

  • Echoworx customizable encryption offers you 8 different ways to send sensitive documents, like financial statements, directly to your customer — without impacting your exchange email system.
  • The statements and documents are protected according to password measures custom set using a self-service password management system.
  • Customers set and recover their own secure password to be used for all subsequent email.
  • Multiple secure documents can be easily included in the same email as an encrypted attachment.
  • Send encrypted attachments directly into your customer’s personal email inbox, where the messages can be kept indefinitely and found easily later.
  • Keep files, like Microsoft Word and Excel, in their native format.

What makes Echoworx different?

Numerous Delivery Methods (Push/Pull)

  • Web Portal, TLS (with fallback), Encrypted PDF, Encrypted Attachments Only (PDF, ZIP, Office XML), S/MIME and PGP making it easy for both senders and recipients to use, particularly on mobile devices.
  • Empowering users to choose their preferred secure delivery method – including options requiring no registration.
  • Optimized mobile user experience. (iOS, Android)
  • Full key and certificate management including expiry, rollover and even bulk upload.
  • Policy-based message routing enforces email encryption based on pre-defined policies.


Authentication Controls and Access

  • Authentication set by policy, sender or recipient.
  • Options include: Self-Registration, Shared Secret Passphrase, OAuth, SSO, System Generated Verification Code and 2FA.


Location Controls 

  • Echoworx has data centers in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland and Canada. More than 60 countries have introduced privacy laws in response to shifting attitudes to digital privacy and control. We can help you ensure your data stays close to home.

Extensive Brand Protection and Customization

  • 26 language options – including double-byte characters (e.g. Chinese, Japanese) along with a tailored interface to ensure the experience is not affected by selection or customization.
  • Support for multi-branding by business group and language – for organizations operating under multiple banners or lines of business.
  • Customizable inline message warnings in both the header and footer.
  • SMTP (DMARC) routing available for all outbound messages.


Message Visibility and Recall

  • Detailed message tracking including emails opened, forwarded and recalled.
  • Message receipts, message recalls and notifications without PowerShell or L2 Admins.


Validated Security Assurance

  • We have subjected our security practices to audits covering all aspects of our business including AICPA/CICA WebTrust Certification, SOC2 Audit, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) and Microsoft and Apple Root Member Certifications.

Customer Success Story

“If we hadn’t made this move, it would have had a significant impact on our ability to grow.”


If you would like a personalized demonstration or have questions, let us know. Our team can tailor a demonstration and the discussion around your specific needs.

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Echoworx protects the privacy of people and businesses throughout the world by making email data protection easier. Making our solution distinctive – with Echoworx customizable encryption, it pays to be secure.


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