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Paperless communications remain top-of-mind for many organizations undergoing digital transformations and cost reductions. The Echoworx OneWorld Encryption Platform enables you to send virtually unlimited mass amounts of protected sensitive documents direct to email inboxes – without taking down existing email infrastructure each time you send.

Speed up secure paperless delivery to meet your high demands

  • Sensitive encrypted messages, like financial statements, are pushed directly to recipient mailboxes in the form of an Encrypted PDF.
  • Each Encrypted PDF message is protected according to authentication and password measures custom set via a self-service password management system.
  • Individual documents can also be are attached to a regular email in the form of an encrypted attachment. Enabling files to retain their native formatting.
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Echoworx attachment only encryption

The type of delivery method you require for sending paperless documents depends a lot on the customer. Echoworx offers attachment-only encryption, using PDF serialization, as a non-intrusive way of securely sending sensitive documents.

Benefits of attachment only encryption:

  • Streamlined customer experience
  • Files, like Microsoft Word and Excel, maintain native format
  • Navigation ease
Delivery Methods Brief

Customer Success Story

Increased paperless delivery of secure personalized documents
saving over $1M

With millions of secure documents a month to send – personalized globally – this organization’s challenge was daunting. This case study walks through challenge to solution.

Forrester's Total Economic Impact of Echoworx OneWorld Encryption

Watch this case study to better understand the total economic impacts of Echoworx OneWorld Encryption Platform on your business and to help justify the investment to both senior management and other key stakeholders.

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“If we hadn’t made this move, it would have had a significant impact on our ability to grow.”

Senior Vice President of Engineering - Financial Services

Success stories from real customers

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Critical Communications
in the Eye of COVID-19

Our goal is to demonstrate how Echoworx can help increase paperless delivery of secure documents.

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