Increase Paperless Document Delivery

Faster, personalized and from the cloud

Paperless communications remain top-of-mind for many organizations undergoing digital transformations and cost reductions. Yet, data privacy and security continues to make front page news, and the news is never good. Echoworx OneWorld Encryption let’s you send virtually unlimited mass amounts of statements, files and documents direct to email inboxes – protected – without impacting your routine email each time you hit send.

Send unlimited paperless statements

Designed for intensive demands and mass distribution, Echoworx encryption let’s you send virtually unlimited amounts of encrypted documents and secure statements without impacting your exchange email system.

  • Echoworx customizable encryption offers you 8 different ways to send sensitive documents, like financial statements, directly to your customer.
  • The statements and documents are protected according to password measures custom set using a self-service password management system.
  • Customers set and recover their own secure password to be used for all subsequent email.
  • Multiple secure documents can be easily included in the same email as an encrypted attachment.
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Send direct to email inbox — easily

Attachment-only delivery, is one of 8 ways that Echoworx encryption can be customized to deliver secure documents. Attachment-only encryption is just what you would expect—the attachment is encrypted and the message body is not. Only the email attachment is confidential and, therefore, only the attachment requires encryption.

Echoworx makes protecting statements and documents easier

  • Send encrypted attachments directly into your customer’s personal email inbox, where the messages can be kept indefinitely and found easily later.
  • Keep files, like Microsoft Word and Excel, in their native format.
  • Streamline processes and message navigation.

See what Echoworx can do for you

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See how Echoworx customizable encryption can help you increase your paperless document delivery — securely — direct to email inbox, without impacting your routine email each time you hit send

Increase delivery. Personalize documents. Save over $1M

Customer success story

With millions of secure eStatements a month to send – personalized globally – this organization’s challenge was daunting.
This case study walks you through their challenge to solution. 

“If we hadn’t made this move, it would have had a significant impact on our ability to grow.”


Our goal is to demonstrate how Echoworx can help increase paperless delivery of secure documents.

If you would like a personalized demonstration or have questions, let us know. Our team can tailor a demonstration and the discussion around your specific needs.