Secure Statement Delivery


Ramp up Encryption Throughput

Email and statement consolidated into a single, scalable encryption platform solution.


  • Send sensitive documents, like financial statements or trade confirmations, protected with encryption direct to email inboxes as encrypted attachments – without the secure messages overwhelming existing encryption infrastructure.
  • Send application-initiated emails, requiring encryption, without causing the sending of user-initiated emails to come to a grinding halt.


Our OneWorld encryption platform employs effective encryption methods to prioritize secure message volumes – with the goal of eliminating unnecessary delays in output. Using OneWorld, senders can push sensitive encrypted messages, like financial statements, direct to recipient inboxes in the form of an Encrypted PDF. These secure messages, and any embedded personal data or documents within them, are protected by passwords set by the sender or recipient via a self-service password management system.

If a sender needs to send an encrypted document, as part of a statement for example, but not a full-encrypted email, this can be done via OneWorld with encrypted attachments. Using this delivery method, a sender can deliver a regular message to a recipient – complete with a password-protected encrypted attachment. This enables the sending statements in bulk containing sensitive information while preserving any native file formats for a more streamlined working environment.

For high-volume asks, like sending out millions of monthly statements, OneWorld is here to help. When a request for secure statement delivery is initiated via user-defined automation policies, our OneWorld encryption platform is deployed as an instance. Messages with encrypted attachments flow in a secure queue at a known rate. This separation of instances ensures regular inbound and outbound mail is neither affected nor delayed.

See how this large US bank is sending millions of secure e-statements a month using OneWorld.

But it’s not enough to just send secure statements – OneWorld has additional features to ensure an excellent user experience for all our encryption delivery methods. From the ability to brand messages, preserving the look and feel of regular communications, to access to detailed reporting functions to the ability to access encrypted message content offline, for examples, there are a variety of ways we make encryption a preferred path of secure communication for both internal and external users.

Learn more about how OneWorld helps with secure statement delivery.


  • Notification of delivery of a secure encrypted message sent to secure statement recipient
  • First-time secure statement users are prompted to set a password
  • Secure statement recipient reads secure message in inbox
  • Secure statement recipient opens attached Secure PDF by entering password
  • Read secure statement

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