Secure Statement Delivery


Encryption Throughput

Email and statement consolidated into a single, scalable encryption platform solution.


  • Sending sensitive documents like, financial statements and trade confirmations, directly to email inboxes.
  • Application initiated emails – all requiring encryption-  are causing your user initiated emails to come to a grinding halt.


The OneWorld encryption platform employs a very clever and simple method of prioritizing mail volume so that delays are non-existent.

Our OneWorld encryption platform is deployed as an instance. Messages flow securely into the queue, are encrypted by a OneWorld instance and delivered securely to your recipient at a known rate. Your application mail is directed to one instance while your employee mail is directed to a different instance – making sure there is never a delay.

Now that’s consistent, scalable performance.


  • Notification of a secure email delivered
  • First time users – set password
  • Read secure message in inbox
  • Open attached secure PDF by entering password
  • Read statement

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