Benefits of Best of Breed Encryption

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, safeguarding confidential and sensitive information is vital for maintaining business security, ensuring customer trust, and achieving data privacy compliance.

With 57% of organizations reporting data breach costs between $11 million and $50 million last year, it’s clear that email encryption is an essential technology for protecting communications and delivering positive customer experiences.

A bar graph showcasing loses caused by Data Breaches in 2021

With just under a third of IT leaders reporting that up to 50% of their data is stored in external cloud, and 24% storing over that there, businesses are relying increasingly on cloud-based infrastructure – a trend that appears to be accelerating in the wake of the pandemic (451 Research, 2021). As cloud adoption accelerates, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for secure email encryption are becoming more prevalent and easier to integrate into existing business infrastructures.

A bar graph showcasing how many companies have sensitive data encrypted in the cloud

Consequently, businesses are turning to best-of-breed solutions as an ‘add-on’ to supplement the typically generalized functionalities of bundled platform suites for their encryption needs (Forrester, 2021). By leveraging these tailored solutions, organizations can enhance their security posture and protect sensitive data more effectively, while also benefiting from industry-specific features that streamline processes and improve overall efficiency.

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of best-of-breed encryption solutions and discuss the factors to consider when selecting the right provider to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Why Choose Best-of-Breed Encryption Solutions?

Best-of-breed email encryption focuses on industry-specific functionalities tailored to individual businesses’ needs, ensuring secure emails and documents while offering key benefits:

  • Promoting future-fit practices: Solutions like Echoworx are built with insider knowledge of industry-specific requirements, supporting compliance with regulations in sectors such as healthcare, government services, insurance, and financial services. As business needs and industry standards evolve, these solutions drive crucial innovation.
  • Adding value to everyday work: Adaptable encryption approaches offer extensible tools that enhance daily work by providing industry-specific functionalities not found in application suites.
  • Improving results through deeper vendor partnerships: Protecting email-based workflows requires close alignment with partners to ensure seamless encryption integration and extension of their offerings. This necessitates trust, communication, and heightened alignment of practices between vendors and partners.

How to Choose the Right Solution

When evaluating email encryption solutions, understanding your specific needs is crucial before researching market players. Consider the following:

A three step tutorial showcasing how to chose the right encryption solution

With the widespread adoption of the cloud, SaaS solutions have become more prevalent and easier to implement into existing business infrastructures. This makes it essential to identify which specific functionalities need supplementation. Carefully assess your needs and potential encryption providers’ fit, rather than opting for a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Seek encryption providers that create bespoke solutions tailored to your present and future requirements.  

Selecting the right email encryption solution involves understanding your unique needs, carefully assessing potential providers, and seeking tailored solutions. Echoworx is dedicated to delivering best-of-breed encryption solutions designed to protect your email-based workflows and help your organization thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

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