Insights into the Advancements of Email Encryption

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The demand for advanced email encryption is skyrocketing, with no signs of slowing down. Imagine a client who encrypted 18 million messages annually six years ago.  Today, they send well over a hundred million encrypted messages per year.

This exponential growth reflects the widespread adoption of encryption by global enterprises, spanning business units, acquisitions, cloud, remote, and on-site workforces. In this blog post, we will explore the driving factors behind this surge and importance of involving all relevant parties early in the decision-making process. Let’s delve into real-world examples.

Key Drivers Fueling the Demand for Advanced Email Encryption in Organizations

1. Navigating Ever-Changing Privacy and Data Legislation

Privacy and data legislation is constantly evolving, making it crucial for global companies to adapt to unique considerations regarding legislation. Furthermore, even in the face of recessions or shifting economic conditions, it’s crucial to prioritize data protection regulatory compliance. That means businesses should maintain or even enhance their encryption capabilities, regardless of the prevailing economic circumstances.

Timeline chart illustrating the privacy regulations from 1995 to 2023

For instance, a multinational UK bank established a new data center in Ireland to align with EU data legislation after the Brexit vote. Similarly, a UK law firm established a data center in Germany to meet the data needs of their German clients. Now, let’s explore a scenario featuring a prominent Saudi petroleum and petrochemical company. They required a robust gateway system to safeguard their message exchange, guaranteeing the sender’s non-repudiation.

2. Authentication: Embracing Innovation

Over time, authentication methods have advanced significantly to reduce reliance on passwords. Staying updated with the latest developments is crucial, especially as organizations implement more advanced methods like OpenID and biometrics.

timeline chart illustrating the authentication options offered from 1986 to 2021

To eliminate the need for manual password entry, Echoworx introduced features such as SMS and biometric authentication. These additions not only enhance security but also minimize authentication obstacles. Let’s share a couple of examples: an American multinational automobile manufacturer permits recipients to utilize their Office 365 login for access, while a commercial bank in the Republic of Ireland streamlines password management by offering a range of authentication methods.

In conclusion, this emphasizes the importance of encryption to provide a wide range of authentication options. These solutions must possess flexibility to adapt to future access management methods, offering a comprehensive array of options to ensure both security and user experience.

We are excited to be part of authentication history and about establishing reliable and user-friendly security practices. With our email encryption platform, we strive to make a significant impact in advancing secure and innovative data protection.

3. Encryption Standards: Ensuring Robust Data Protection

Another driver behind the increasing demand for advanced email encryption solutions in enterprises is the past limitations of many email encryption platforms. These platforms were rigidly designed around specific encryption standards, lacking the required flexibility and adaptability.
timeline chart illustrating the encryption standards from 1976 to now
To maintain interoperability and eliminate workflow disruptions, organizations must comply with a wide range of encryption standards to effectively safeguard sensitive information. These standards encompass various encryption types, including public key encryption, RSA, and S/MIME. Quantum-proof and homomorphic encryption are gaining interest for their advanced security capabilities. While PGP is still widely used, limited support is now available in most solutions. Adhering to a variety of encryption standards is crucial for both data security and interoperability.

4. Delivery Options: Prioritizing Security and Accessibility

Organizations give utmost importance to delivery options as they have a direct impact on message security, accessibility, and the elimination of workflow disruptions and interoperability issues. These options include office attachments, email PDFs, PDFs as attachments, zipped files, encrypted portals, and the use of TLS (Transport Layer Security). Examples below illustrate the comprehensive list of evolving methods.

Illustration of Echoworx's Push, Pull and Direct email encryption options

Echoworx provides seamless communication via a choice of delivery options.

Flexibility is crucial. For instance, employing active TLS connections and portal delivery ensures both user-friendly access and robust data protection. However, to meet evolving client demands and accommodate shifting workflows, organizations must prioritize adaptability. As an example, a retail bank in Scotland is currently exploring a transition from PDF attachments to a more intuitive and user-friendly portal. Tailoring delivery methods to specific laws and regulations is vital for international clients.

An advanced encryption solution featuring a choice of delivery options is necessary to meet diverse global customer needs. Remember, a one-size-fits-all approach may not always be applicable, so staying adaptable is essential.

5. Exploring New Encryption Use Cases

New encryption use cases for businesses are emerging, one being a pharmaceutical that develops new brands to cater to communication requirements for drug trials. Language also plays a vital role, as organizations in bilingual Canada must determine the language of communication. For Echoworx clients, a total of 28 language options are offered. The satisfaction of clients is prioritized by ensuring that every aspect of the service, from instructions to user interface, is tailored to their needs. Moreover, our expertise extends to supporting mergers and acquisitions, such as consolidating financial institutions under a unified platform.

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Finding the right balance between simplification and flexibility is crucial for seamless work across different organizational capabilities. As organizations continue to combine remote and on-site work, adopting platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, there is a growing demand for advanced encryption solutions that can seamlessly integrate with new cloud and existing workflows.

Crucial Role of Stakeholders

Email encryption plays an integral role in the infrastructure, and its importance cannot be overstated. It enhances the user experience for both internal and external customers and partners. To ensure a comprehensive assessment of requirements, it is advisable to involve multiple stakeholders, such as the security team, compliance officers, risk teams, and even members of the marketing team responsible for user interface aspects. Engaging in inclusive discussions during initial meetings and demonstrations, which many times include 10 to 12 participants, ensures that all perspectives and needs are effectively addressed.

In the ever-changing world of digital communication, email encryption plays a vital role. It’s all about security, flexibility, and adaptability. This tool connects necessity with efficiency and shapes how organizations communicate confidentially worldwide. As they keep up with the changing legislation, technology, and business needs, the demand for advanced email encryption solutions keeps growing.

Advanced email encryption is more than just a passing trend; it serves as a testament to the growing awareness of data security. It showcases a strong commitment to ensuring smooth and secure communication. Embrace this advancement to fortify your organization’s defenses and lead the charge in the next generation of secure communications, safeguarding valuable data.

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