Echoworx Tackles Business Leaders’ Key Concerns

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Stay ahead of the game with our latest enhancements. We’ve designed this update based on customer requests and valuable feedback from the Global 500 community, driven by the ever-changing demands of their business landscape.

Smooth Upgrade, No Interruptions

With invaluable feedback from global enterprises, we have made customer experience a top priority in our latest upgrade, addressing the needs and priorities of business leaders. The update process is automated, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for our customers.

The latest release incorporates several key enhancements that streamline operations and fortify the security of digital communications:

  1. OpenID Authentication: Businesses that maintain a customer database supporting OpenID for authentication can enable customers to log into Echoworx using their existing credentials. This enhancement streamlines and secures the login experience, eliminating a common source of frustration.
  2. Revamped Recipient Login Page: The social connectors have been redesigned for improved accessibility and localization, making it easier for global users to securely access their encrypted emails.
  3. Addition of Unread Message Reminder: We have added an unread message reminder to ensure that senders receive email notifications and do not miss any important messages.
  4. Message ID Preserved Feature: Allows administrators to easily search and match each message processed by Echoworx with the original in the mail server.
  5. Enhanced Registration Page Security: In response to popular demand, we have implemented additional verification measures on the portal registration page to enhance security.
  6. Enabling Public S/MIME Certificate Harvesting: Customers can now encrypt outbound S/MIME messages without the need for administrators or recipients to manually upload certificates. The system harvests public S/MIME certificates from inbound signed and encrypted messages, thereby enhancing overall email security.

Organizations seek forward-thinking solutions with roadmaps that meet their requirements. Echoworx, with its commitment to encryption-focused innovation, simplifies email encryption by enhancing security features, improving accessibility, and providing features that streamline operations. The latest update is designed to address the priorities of business leaders.

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