Expert Validation Reveals Solution for Enhanced Email Security in Large Organizations

In the digital transformation era, organizations aim to deliver exceptional customer experiences while protecting sensitive information.

Email security is a major challenge, as it’s susceptible to interception and misuse. TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) conducted a Technical Validation of Echoworx email encryption, revealing its focus on user experience, adaptability for various use cases, and extensive branding and language support.

Digital Transformation Demands Privacy and Security

Digital transformation brings numerous benefits, including increased efficiency and collaboration. ESG research shows that 45% of surveyed companies prioritize providing an exceptional and differentiated customer experience through their digital transformation initiatives. However, as technology advances, security and privacy become more challenging, leading organizations to invest in privacy-enhancing technologies. In fact, 77% of ESG survey respondents plan to increase spending on such technologies over the next 12-18 months.

Blog Showcasing Companies Changes in Spending on Privacy Enhancing Technologies Over The Next 12-18 Months

User Experience: The Echoworx Advantage

As a CISO or IT manager, you know the importance of user experience in any digital transformation effort. Balancing security with ease of use is crucial. Echoworx’s commitment to user experience, validated by ESG, ensures data protection without hindering authorized access.

Our seamless integration with popular email platforms simplifies the encryption process. Users can easily encrypt emails through keyword tagging or add-ins like the Outlook add-in, providing flexibility and maintaining high security levels. Furthermore, Echoworx adheres to strict regulatory standards, including PCI-DSS, SOC2, and GDPR, ensuring data privacy without sacrificing user experience.

Echoworx’s Extensive Language and Branding Support

Language support is increasingly vital in enterprise communications. Echoworx’s extensive language and branding support, recognized by ESG, offers an impressive 27 languages for user interface customization, catering to customers regardless of their preferred language.

Global enterprises require robust language support and consistent branding options for customer-facing portals. Echoworx empowers multinational companies to communicate effectively across borders and cultural barriers with extensive language options, enabling them to streamline email security processes using a single solution that meets diverse linguistic needs.

Flexibility for Multiple Use Cases with Echoworx

Echoworx enables organizations to seamlessly integrate secure communications into their workflows, managing various use cases through configuration rather than custom code. ESG validated Echoworx’s high level of configurability and its ability to handle multiple use cases. By integrating with existing tools, Echoworx simplifies the implementation of complex technologies like one-time passwords and PGP encryption. Its configurability eliminates the need for multiple solutions, offering businesses a comprehensive platform for secure communication.

Supporting diverse communication needs is crucial for organizations. For example, an organization may need secure messaging sent from multiple sources, including applications, email clients, and mobile devices. Echoworx’s solution allows businesses to securely manage these use cases without coding or custom-building each solution, saving time and ensuring secure communications across all channels.

“If your organization communicates potentially sensitive data to your customers and needs a highly configurable tool to protect your customers’ privacy, then ESG suggests that you take a serious look at Echoworx Email Encryption.”

-Enterprise Strategy Group, 2023

As a highly configurable tool, ESG recommends Echoworx Email Encryption for organizations aiming to protect customer privacy when sending sensitive information via email. Discover the ease and security of protecting customer data by watching our online demos and learning how Echoworx Email Encryption can help you stay compliant and enhance customer experience.

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