90% of Organizations Prioritizing Email Encryption

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How the right email encryption can help you remove obstacles and enhance digital business performance.

Imagine you’re a big company in the U.S. with an office in Germany, needing to send sensitive contracts to a customer in Belgium. The EU’s GDPR rules over this communication, with the sender in German and the recipient in French. Complicated? Yes. Does it need to be? No way.

Typically, global-focused organizations have diverse products and customers across markets, needing different logos, languages, and access controls – but they aim for consistent service. Ensure these exchanges are secure, compliant, and user-friendly.

Intuitive experience boosts satisfaction and retains customers

Securing important information in emails is crucial for businesses. Most IT leaders prioritize keeping data safe in emails shared with other companies. However, only 7% find encrypting data easy, which is risky.

Sliding scale chart showing only 7 percent find it very easy to securely communicate with external recipients

Email encryption solutions should make it easy to send secure messages that meet business needs. This includes adjusting to changes in how customers act, improving mobile access, and simplifying document sharing. To prevent breaches during mergers, automatic encryption and tracking communications are essential. Simple ways to protect email data are key to success.

Customizable encryption helps companies navigate varied privacy regulations

Some places have strict laws, while others are more relaxed – sometimes within the same country! Organizations must adapt to changing privacy rules. Half of IT executives stress the need to prioritize compliance to keep up with these conflicting privacy laws.

Sliding scale chart showing 50 percent use encryption to maintain compliance, while 67% use it to protect documents

Customizable encryption solutions can automatically verify user identities, choose brand elements, and display language options – meeting the needs of 50% of IT leaders. For instance, an English-speaking organization sending sensitive documents to international clients must ensure clear instructions and features in secure messages, regardless of the recipient’s language.

Authentication and automation help remote work and connected customers

More of your team work from home than ever before, a trend that continues according to Gartner research. It doesn’t matter where your HQ is, as 53% of your team will be worldwide. They still need to talk to your customers – safely.

Column chart showing 29% of employees remote before COVID-19, 76% remote in April 2020, and 53% would like to be remote after COVID-19

Whether verifying customers quickly with a finger or fixing email errors, providing simple options to your team, customers, and partners can help address encryption challenges and enhance digital business performance.

In summary, effective email encryption is crucial for businesses aiming to protect sensitive information, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance the overall customer experience. By implementing intuitive and customizable encryption solutions, companies can secure their communications, adapt to varied privacy regulations, and support their remote workforce. Email encryption simplifies safeguarding data, making business operations smoother and more efficient, while also retaining customer trust through secure and user-friendly interactions.

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