The Importance of a Consistent Encryption Experience

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New technology adoption only takes hold when people actually use it – particularly when it comes to cybersecurity solutions.

A consistent user experience helps streamline workflow, ensures adequate protection and eliminates confusion.

Effective protection needs to reflect the realities of your digital workplace

  • Remote employees, who expect to work from anywhere via any device
  • Evolving security demands of clients, partners and vendors
  • Zero trust policies for business risk and disruption
  • Controlling data after it leaves the organization, ensuring it only reaches intended recipients
  • Cybersecurity threats – both internal and external
  • International privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which dictate business processes.

At any given time, employees are accessing secure information from their desktop and mobile devices, on or off the company network. Even the reality of business travelers accessing secure documents—while on the road, without reliable online access—presents a data protection problem.

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These digital workforce realities can make consistent user experiences difficult – which, in turn, makes data protection the path of most resistance. While a one-size-fits-all solution might seem like an easy fix, it might lack the practical flexibility to seamlessly fit every business case.

Must-have security extensions for encryption

Security administrators must balance user experience with airtight data protection and, much like a tightrope walker, when these features are unbalanced, risk increases exponentially.

While a basic encryption solution might seem simple, it doesn’t always provide the right balance between security and usability. And a bad user experience can lead to frustration, opening the door to data compromising workarounds. A survey by Echoworx found that only 40 per cent of organizations that have encryption capabilities actually employ them extensively.

Pairing your current email encryption solution with additional secure extensions provides the flexibility to offer consistent data protection to reflect digital workforce realities.

Look for an encryption extension that:
  • Has a flexible platform that can quickly integrate and adapt to any environment.
  • Provides policy-based support of multiple brands and languages, based on organization, sender and recipient attributes.
  • Keeps email data protection simple for people who are not heavy technology users to promote adoption for both senders and recipients.
  • Is designed for high volume messaging capabilities—to meet enterprise-level high-volume demands.
  • Offers a variety of secure delivery options, including fallback options, so that all messages are protected.
  • Provides full value for investment.

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It’s all about the customer experience

International organizations use Echoworx to deliver a consistent brand, domain and user experience, regardless of where the sender or recipient is located.

The platform supports 27 languages and uses organizational attributes to personalize and automatically brand outgoing encrypted messages by logo, division or location. These rules are set up during implementation and are based on business use cases.

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If you take advantage of branding and language preferences, your clients will consistently see that your secure message originated from a reputable source and isn’t spam. This approach helps you build trust with customers. Encryption is intertwined with client trust, satisfaction and retention – a business necessity.

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