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We’re innovating for business leaders by simplifying system integration and enhancing multi-vendor security. Tackling cloud migration challenges like staffing, budgets, and complexity, our solution offers secure, easy-to-use email encryption. This improves customer experience, reduces support tickets, cuts costs, and ensures consistency across devices. Explore our latest product enhancements and on-demand videos to see how Echoworx simplifies encrypted email for all.
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Top Email Encryption Trends

Today, where online threats are continuously evolving, the importance of securing digital communication has reached an all-time high. There’s been a surge in email security innovations, largely fueled by the shift towards cloud services and the growing reliance on APIs. Echoworx’s eBook delves into how email encryption is changing, highlighting recent advancements, the most sought-after features, and a preview of what’s next on the roadmap. Download your copy now.

April 2024 Update

Discover our latest April update, packed with innovative features tailored for cutting-edge organizations looking to elevate their security and efficiency. Experience enhanced account security with 2-Step Verification via SMS, enjoy hassle-free Portal Access on trusted devices, and integrate seamlessly with external APIs for improved system management. With Echoworx, secure your email communications via S/MIME Auto Key Generation and easily upload S/MIME and PGP Certificates. Benefit from enhanced sender verification options, proactive admin password expiration reminders, and document encryption for secure sharing. Elevate your organization’s security standards with our latest advancements. Learn more.

December 2023 Update

Drawing on feedback from global enterprises, our December update catered to the intricate needs of multinational organizations. Key features include
OpenID authentication, a redesigned recipient login, unread message reminders, and advanced email security enhancements like automated public S/MIME certificate harvesting, and more. Furthermore, our automated update process guaranteed uninterrupted service for customers. Read more here.

July 2023 Update

Discover our latest July update, designed to enhance your data protection and streamline user experience. Now featuring passkey support for effortless passwordless login , the ability to suspend web portal users for increased security, and seamless SIEM integration through our new REST API . Dive into advanced key management options, benefit from AWS HSM keys for robust encryption, enforce stronger passwords aligned with OWASP standards, and ensure message integrity with our inbound message rejection based on padding schemes. Explore the full range of this update today.

Expert Insights Webinar

Join Echoworx’s encryption experts, Sarah Happé and Derek Christiansen, for a deep dive into the latest encryption features and product roadmap, designed for enterprises with advanced communication needs. Discover how email encryption has transformed from a basic security measure to a comprehensive service that balances strong security with a seamless user experience. Learn about the significant advancements driven by feedback from Global 500 customers. Tune in now to remain at the forefront.

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