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Designed for the future of digital business, Echoworx Email Encryption is flexible as it is powerful. Choose Echoworx to gain access to eight different ways of delivering information you send and receive in email. Or opt for One Delivery Method to meet a specific need. Echoworx also offers Volume Documents for high-volume demands and mass distribution.

How the Echoworx Email Encryption Platform works

Diagram Echoworx Email Encryption Platform Message Flow

Step 1

Email, documents, files, and statements are sent over secure TLS to the Echoworx platform for encryption. All messages flow through existing mail hygiene system. (AV & Journaling)

Step 2

Based on your predefined encryption policies, Echoworx automatically brands the email and notifications using your logos, colors, and templates on a per message basis.

Step 3

Echoworx encrypts using the best delivery method for the person(s) you are sending to based on policies or (if enabled) user selected method. Sending all outbound communication over your SMTP services.

Step 4

Protected email and documents are received and easily read by people online, offline, anywhere and from any device. Only Echoworx offers you 8 different ways to deliver secure email, support for 27 languages and 7 authentication options.

What makes Echoworx different?

More delivery options

With eight secure delivery options, Echoworx offers more ways for organizations to communicate securely – ensuring no message is sent in the clear or not able to be delivered. Our email data protection solutions, which are easily integrated with existing security systems, feature both push and pull encryption delivery options: Web Portal, S/MIME, PGP, PDF, Attachment (PDF, Office and ZIP) and TLS with fallback. 

More extensive branding features

Large organizations often operate across international borders, in multiple languages and under different brands – and they need secure communications which accommodate this. The extensive branding features from Echoworx allow organizations to apply their unique brand elements automatically, on a message-by-message basis – and supports 27 languages.

More audit and tracking capabilities

Echoworx reports are designed to provide statistics, troubleshooting and audit trail information. Such as whether a message was successfully delivered, if there were any related errors/exceptions, was it opened or recalled. Echoworx recall features are available to both sender and admins – without requiring additional operational interventions or special access.

More ways to authenticate users

Not every customer is the same and neither are the messages and documents that you send them. Echoworx offers multiple methods of authentication – with options including full OAuth Access, Self-Registration, Shared Secret Passphrase, SSO, System Generated Verification Codes, Biometrics and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

More country-specific control

All data in transit is subject to the applicable jurisdictional requirements of any touchpoints encountered along the way – like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With data centres in Canada, Ireland, the UK, Germany and the US, Echoworx empowers you to decided where their data goes and how it is processed.

More mobile flexibility

Echoworx email encryption offers flexibility and consistency across devices and platforms. Secure Portal users are provided a mobile experience that is consistent with desktop users and optimized for small screens and data plans. End users only consume bandwidth by viewing the Portal or when accessing individual attachments and no mobile application or special setup is required. Alternatively, Secure PDF messages offer a true push solution for any mobile device, online or offline, with no additional software requirements.

Security Assurance & Certification Programs

  • FSQS Registered
  • Microsoft Trusted Root Program
  • Apple Certificate Program

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