Enhance Office 365 Email Security

When out of the box just isn't enough, get more flexibility to meet your list of diverse business cases.

Get Better Security, More Flexibility and an Improved User Experience

As a Microsoft Trusted Root Member, Echoworx acknowledges the value of Office 365 for effective communication with customers. We always strive to develop additional features to enhance their system. Through our up-to-date product roadmap, multiple secure delivery methods, seamless authentication, and rich branding, Echoworx offers innovative enhancements to Office 365 email security.

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  • Enhance Office 365 Email Protection

    See how Echoworx email encryption integrates seamlessly with Microsoft to take Office 365 email protection to the next level.

Next-Gen Encryption Starts with Usability

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What Makes Echoworx Different?

At Echoworx, email encryption is not just something we do – it is all we do. With over two decades of dedicated experience testing, updating, and advancing our suite of encryption solutions, we have created an innovative and flexible product that seamlessly integrates and enhances Office 365.

  • More ways to deliver email

    With eight secure delivery options, Echoworx offers more ways for organizations to communicate with customers – ensuring no message goes undeliverable or, worse, out in the clear. Our email data protection solutions, which are fully integrable with existing Office 365 systems, feature both push and pull encryption delivery options: Web Portal, S/MIME, PGP, PDF, Attachment (PDF, Office and ZIP) and TLS with fallback. Echoworx may also be set up to apply specific delivery methods according to data classification type.

  • Extensive branding control

    Echoworx’s extensive branding features allow organizations to apply their unique brand elements automatically, on a message-by-message basis – with support for 27 languages. This ensures your customers can instantly recognize your brand, giving them more trust in knowing that the message or documents are from your organization and not a look-a-like intended to phish or spam them. Echoworx branding features are available out-of-the-box – without requiring expensive supplementary additions.

  • Comprehensive audit and tracking capabilities

    Echoworx reports are designed to provide statistics, troubleshooting and audit trail information. Such as whether a message was successfully delivered, if there were any related errors/exceptions, was it opened or recalled. Echoworx recall features are available to both sender and admins – without requiring additional operational interventions or special access.

  • Multiple methods of authentication for flexible message access

    Just like every customer isn’t the same – neither are the sensitive data and documents sent to them. Echoworx enables message-by-message levels of authentication to accommodate specific business use cases – from high-security authentication measures, like Two-Step Verification, to Shared Passphrase, where additional steps, like a registration process, are eliminated completely. Omitting registration reduces friction in the communication process, frees up resources and makes any onboarding process faster for all.

  • Unlimited message limits. Limits based only on user subscription

    Unlike other email encryption providers, where message limits can be just a few thousand a day, Echoworx allows customers to set their own limits according to their service subscription. And, with an assortment of reporting tools at their disposal, Echoworx customers can easily track, recall and revoke access to encrypted messages they send.

  • Certificate encryption

    With Echoworx PGP & S/MIME are simply additional delivery options – with simplified key management. All Echoworx system-generated or managed PGP keys are also published to public LDAP servers to enable easier inbound PGP encryption with Echoworx PGP certificates.

    No complicated infrastructure. No confusing key management. No more dedicated IT resources.

  • Latest cryptographic standards to ensure confidentiality

    As a 100% pure-play encryption provider and Certificate Authority, Echoworx only uses the latest cryptographic standards to ensure the confidentiality of the messages and documents sent using email. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve the way encryption can be used to better meet the business challenges your organization faces, such as support of quantum-resistant cryptographic standards.

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Ease of use

“Echoworx continues to make improvements to the usability of their platform, and it has come to a point where we now rarely deal with any support requests because it is so much easier for the user to just follow a set of basic instructions, click on a link, and start the password reset process by themselves."

— Senior Vice President of Engineering in the Finance Industry