Secure Office 365



Offering the same sender encryption options and notifications
available on the desktop to users in Office 365 Outlook on the web.


  • Users need encryption control across devices.
  • Sending large file attachments.


With our OneWorld encryption platform each experience can be unique to the user. Why does that matter?

There may be instances when your senders must control the encryption – over and above the standard enterprise policies that have been established with your exist­ing DLP. For example, due to the sensitivity of the message, you may want to deliver it to a web portal, where you can revoke it on demand or have it expire and be deleted. Perhaps you want to send along a sensitive Microsoft Office .docx, .pptx, or .xlsx file encrypted and attached in its native format. Our platform integrates with a host of solutions including Office365, whether you’re working on desktop or the web.

The same encryption options available on the desktop are available with the OneWorld Encrypt Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web, including notifications and expiration periods.


  • Securing a specific message is as simple as pressing an encrypt button within Outlook.
  • The encryption options available to senders match what your company has allowed.
  • Senders can select the expiry period.
  • Request recipient notifications.
  • Read receipts, and request confirmation notices of encryption.
  • We offer the same experience in Office 365 Outlook on the web.

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