Secure Office 365



Offering consistent sender encryption options, natural extensions and notifications
available for desktop to users in web-based Office 365 Outlook. .


  • Users need encryption control across various devices – including desktop and mobile.
  • Users need to send large file attachments.


Not every customer is the same – so why should user experience be the same for secure communications? With our OneWorld encryption platform, true seamless flexibility is a reality. With multiple frictionless encryption delivery methods, which work seamlessly with existing email infrastructure, like Office 365, and a full array of encryption controls, you can offer impeccable customer experience paired with strong security.

Here’s how flexible encryption helps build digital trust with your customers.

There may be instances, for example, when your senders must control the encryption – above and beyond normal enterprise policies established with your existing DLP. Depending on the sensitivity of the message, senders may want to deliver to a customer via secure web portal, where they may revoke access on-demand or set a message expiry date. If formatting is an issue, or a sensitive document needs to preserve its look-and-feel, a sender might consider secure delivery via encrypted attachment to preserve native format.

Learn more about the different secure ways you can send messages with encryption.

From different devices to different connections, you can’t control how your customers receive a message – but you can control how you send it to them. And, with OneWorld’s ability to integrate directly with existing email infrastructure, like Office 365, your organization can leverage different secure natural extensions at the click of a mouse.

The same encryption options available on the desktop are available with the OneWorld Encrypt Add-in for Office 365 Outlook on the web, including notifications and expiration periods.

Learn more about leveraging OneWorld’s natural extensions to Office 365 here.


  • Securing a specific message is as simple as pressing an encrypt button within Outlook.
  • The encryption options available to senders match what your company has allowed.
  • Senders can select the expiry period.
  • Request recipient notifications.
  • Read receipts, and request confirmation notices of encryption.
  • We offer the same experience in Office 365 Outlook on the web.

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