Making Customers Feel Welcome with Secure Guest Compose Email Encryption

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You need to offer secure digital communications – but not to the detriment of an excellent customer experience.

Just like not all your communications are the same, neither are your customers and clients. For secure communications, this can become problematic when recipients have different setups, devices and ways to connect. You might be able to send a protected message to them – but are they able to respond in the most optimized way possible? Without extra steps?

You need to offer secure digital communications – but not to the detriment of an excellent customer experience. While certain effective avenues exist, like eliminating a registration process or the ability to securely respond to an encrypted message, there are circumstances where the ability to compose a secure message must be handed to the customer.

And this is exactly what Echoworx Guest Compose options are designed to alleviate.

Empower your customers

Not every single message you send to a customer needs to be encrypted – but what if their response does? What if, for example, you want to send a request to a customer for confidential information, let’s say a copy of a piece of personal identification and banking information required for a mortgage application. Although your initial touchpoint requesting information does not need to be protected necessarily, subsequent responses sent to you by the customer, containing the requested files, certainly must be.

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Echoworx’s Guest Compose option let’s you to send customers shareable URLs which enable them to compose one-off encrypted messages to a specific pre-set address. For the above mortgage example, this means a customer can receive your request in the clear, assemble their documents, click on your provided Guest Compose link and securely send them in a one-off message to you or another designated address on your network. No extra registration. No extra steps.

Enable guest compose via your branded portal

Your branded customer portal is where customers go to check their accounts, configure preferences and receive important messages from your organization. But what if they need to securely send you something? What if they have a confidential ask for your team?

Echoworx’s Guest Compose links may be embedded directly into your portal. This provides a passive email encryption service option for customers requiring a secure line of communication. And, with 30MB limits on messages, you can also leverage this option as a secure document drop-off option.

Provide defined customer access to email encryption

Effective customer service doesn’t end as soon as your customers sign on the dotted line. From exchanging documents as part of an initial digital onboarding process to recurring submissions of sensitive data over time, you might need to supply customers with consistent lines of secure communication to do so.

Echoworx’s Self-Provisioning option facilitates continued secure communication with a customer. Under this scenario, an unregistered user may be prompted to create an account and log in, after which they may email encrypted messages to any predefined address on your registered domain. This method not only streamlines the secure exchange of information but provides your customers with the power to reach other stakeholders within your organization.

Secure forms without all the back-and-forth

Forms have always been a fundamental part of any business – filling out forms, signing forms, creating forms. And the digital world is no different, just faster. But, when forms contain sensitive information requiring protection, like a SIN or bank balance, things can start to get choppy – especially if your customer doesn’t have the tools to encrypt.

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Echoworx streamlines sensitive forms by offering Contractual Workflow Email Encryption. Among other things, this secure delivery feature enables customers to fill out digital forms in a secure manner. This delivery feature also includes the option for internal recipients to remove the passwords from inbound encrypted documents – perfect for document archiving and management.

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