Trends Shaping Email Security

An email security study, commissioned by Echoworx and conducted by Forrester Consulting

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Next-Gen Encryption Starts with Usability

Global managers with decision-making responsibility for their organizations’ email security strategy rank the ability to share secure email with diverse users, anywhere on top of their list.


60% of organizations report the use of both cloud-delivered and on-premises email. Cloud-delivered email solutions dominate, but on-premises email has a long tail, creating challenges for security teams, says ESG Analyst, Dave Gruber.

Many of the early-stage and bundled security solutions have inherent limitations and fail to solve for risks posed by people. On top of that, the global pandemic accelerated M&A activity and associated integrations, as well as the rapid and widespread adoption of cloud, SaaS, and mobile environments — and increasingly widely adopted work from anywhere models ensure organizations will have an expanding, evolving, and changing regulatory environment related to how they communicate internally as well as with customers and partners.

Simply put, traditional email security tools are not designed to address the human element leaving security leaders looking for modern, customizable solutions that compliment their bundled and existing platforms to address multiple use cases and to increase protection.


Protecting email communication with encryption builds customer trust, but it must be easy to use.

When asked what challenges they find with their current email encryption tools, more than half of respondents reported that they experience a lack of automation. This was made clear further with 50% of respondents reporting the need for integration with other security and encryption tools, secure guest messaging, and an improved user experience.

Without usability, adoption doesn’t occur.

Security solutions need to work on any device the first time with maximum efficiency and least possible disturbance. Beyond the functionality of your security systems, there is no greater priority than user experience.

According to the IDC Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending (FERS) Survey, 33.3% of respondents ranked customer satisfaction as a business priority. It was ranked second-highest behind — only slightly — operational efficiency. This only further supports the idea that although security tools need to be in place, the user experience they provide, ultimately, determines success.


63% of respondents experienced a data breach in the last 12 months, according to Forrester. Of those respondents, 31% said the breach was a result of an internal incident. By improving user experience, companies reduce user frustration, increase adoption and ultimately reduce security incidents and data loss.

Email encryption for business communication mitigates much of the human-related risk but … continue reading. Open the study →

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