Level Up Email Security with PGP Encryption Using Echoworx

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If you’re ready to take your security and privacy to the next level, we’ve got a pretty good suggestion.

PGP (or Pretty Good Privacy) uses information from both the sender and the recipient to keep data secure. It’s a method of Certificate Encryption that is popular among tech enthusiasts, and Echoworx Email Encryption’s out-of-the-box features provide an easy way to incorporate and manage PGP encryption in your security plan.

How PGP Encryption Works

Imagine you have a box that you use to store your personal banking information. You keep that box locked so that no one else can view the contents. One day, you need to send that box to your bank to set up an account: how do you securely send the box?

Certificate Encryption provides two separate keys to protect the contents of the box. Both keys are needed to secure and view the contents of the box, because each key has a specific function. The first key is a public key that the bank will provide (either publicly or directly) to encrypt the information in the box. The second key is private and owned by the bank; it is used to decrypt the information in the box. Essentially, the first key locks, the second key unlocks.

Echoworx outbound PGP/x509 encryption flow overview

Echoworx outbound PGP/x509 encryption flow overview

The Echoworx Solution

Echoworx Email Encryption does the heavy lifting for you, so you can easily supplement your email security with PGP Encryption. We also make it easy to migrate your existing on-premises PGP system to the cloud without any disruptions to your messaging workflows.

With Echoworx Email Encryption, the sender does not need to have any certificates, keys, or software, because Echoworx will locate the recipient’s public certificates in local repositories, publicly available x.509 LDAP directories, public PGP directories, or the Echoworx Global Directory. The encryption is managed by Echoworx.

With Echoworx existing private key pairs can be imported easily through web interface directly or via invite or bulk invite.

Our solution can also manage your private keys to make it easier to receive secure information. When your recipient opens the encrypted email in their inbox, Echoworx provides your public key so your recipient can reply using the same method of PGP encryption.

Diagram overview of Echoworx's PGP Mail flow

Easily integrate PGP encryption to existing cloud-based mail flows with Echoworx

Notable Features

On top of our secure web portal, custom branding features and professional migration services, Echoworx offers PGP encryption options to help manage keys and credentials. These options allow organizations to perform the following operations:

√ Import a private key
√ Import a public key or certificate
√ Bulk-import PGP private keys
√ Generate a private PGP key
√ Generate bulk private PGP keys
√ Send bulk invites to upload private PGP keys
√ Send bulk invites to upload public keys
√ Deactivate a private PGP key
√ Download a key
√ Delete a key

If you’d like to learn more about how you can supplement your online security with Certificate Encryption using Echoworx request a meeting or arrange a demonstration.

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