Your email encryption wake-up call

On-Demand Webcast | 49 mins

Your email encryption wake-up call

How to make secure digital transformation possible

Jacob Ginsberg, Senior Director Market Intelligence, Echoworx; Tim Phillips, Editor, The Register

In this exclusive webinar, Echoworx joins The Register to address the disconnect between the importance of encryption, the buying process and, ultimately, how to build a better business case for email data protection.

  1. Thinking outside compliance checkbox
  2. Why encryption projects fail
  3. Shifting from pure risk avoidance to business benefit
  4. Building better business cases

Business leaders praise email encryption as fundamental to successful digital transformation – yet less than half use it throughout their organizations. What gives?

Low implementation rates aren’t just about overly complicated encryption solutions.

According to Echoworx data, 13 per cent of executives don’t even know if they have encryption capabilities to secure their communications. Prepare for the next-GDPR.

93% of all breaches are attacks targeting people through email
90% of consumers wished there were more companies they could trust with their data

Collaboration is key for successful email data protection.

According to Echoworx surveys, buying decisions for encryption solutions are often made by one small siloed group, without insights from the departments and consumers who are going to use it – and how they are going to use it. Be the better choice.

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